If something goes wrong with your AC unit, it can potentially cost quite a bit to fix the problem. Many of the AC repair problems that we see could have been prevented with proper maintenance of the unit. Proper maintenance costs much less than expensive repair work. Plus, if you properly maintain your unit, you won’t have to worry about your AC going down on the hottest days of the year.

At Jim McDonald & Sons, we offer a planned maintenance agreement. With this agreement, we will come and check your AC unit twice each year to make sure that it is operating in a safe and efficient manner. This will reduce the need for repairs, and it will provide you with peace of mind on hot days.

If you live in the Sarasota area, contact us at Jim McDonald & Sons for your AC needs. We’ve been serving the area since 1970.

The heat will be returning soon to our area, be prepared!

Hot weather is a joy. People love spending time outdoors swimming and enjoying the other delights of the day. However, hot weather can also be dangerous. Many people realize the need to stay cool on a hot day. A functional air conditioner is a must. Air conditioning provides a retreat. This is why it is important to keep the air conditioner in good order. Keeping your filter changed is a must. Doing so can help keep your ac repair bills to a minimum and keep your home cool no matter how hot it gets outside your home all summer long.

It is important to make sure that your ac filter is checked periodically. Doing so will help you keep the ac more efficient. A filter that is working properly allows the rest of the unit to function just as well. At our company, we’re experts at what we do. We can come to your home, check the air conditioner and make sure it is functioning properly. In the process, we’ll help you reduce your cooling bills and keep your home welcoming at the same time. Our experts know how to keep you truly cool even when it’s hot out there.

Air conditioning is crucial in many homes. People need to have air conditioning in order to help keep the home cool. In many instances, air conditioning is a necessity as it helps people breathe better. Keeping the air conditioner is great shape is crucial. Many homeowners, fortunately, know there are steps they can take to keep the air conditioner working all year long. Doing so can also help extend the life of the air conditioner and make sure that it runs well. One of the most crucial elements of any air conditioner is the drain pan. This needs to be kept as clean as possible.

When something goes wrong, ac repair will be a necessity. A homeowner can help make sure this task is easier by keeping the drain pan as clean as possible all year long. At our company, we can show our clients how to keep their air conditioning in great shape. We know how to make sure that any air conditioning used works well no matter how hot it gets outside. Our skilled techs will come to any home and figure out what kind o problem there might be with the ac. They will then fix it. Visit us at www.jimmcdonaldcool.com for more information on any of the services we offer.

Florida Winter Residences and Air Conditioning Inspections

Florida Winter Residences and Air Conditioning Inspections

Sunny Florida is a wonderful place to spend the winter months. People all over the United States envy the state’s pleasantly warm and mild temperatures all year long. If you’re planning on going back to your Sunshine State winter residence, you should assess all of your systems. It can help considerably to evaluate the state of your air conditioning unit. Routine professional AC inspection and maintenance services can keep problems from popping up. They, because of that, can save you from a lot of discomfort. Regular AC upkeep work can keep your unit in strong working order for a long time. Who wants to bother with nearly constant AC repair service?

If you want to revel in pure comfort in your Florida sanctuary, then you need to make sure to keep your air conditioning system in excellent condition at all times. The staff here at Jim McDonald can easily help you do so. Our HVAC technicians are some of the most committed and industrious professionals around. They know how to troubleshoot all varieties of cooling system troubles. They know how to prevent all kinds of cooling system concerns from emerging as well. Contact our full-service company now for more information.

Rock-solid warranty coverage can be great for people who are all about peace of mind and ease. If you invest in brand new HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system installation, you need to go for a maintenance agreement. Regular maintenance sessions can keep your cooling or heating system in excellent working order. Prompt AC repair can in many cases stop issues from worsening and intensifying. Air conditioning service can help keep your system efficient, reliable and strong. It can often keep the need for full A/C replacement service out of your life, too. If you want to reap the benefits of our warranty coverage, then you need to learn about our convenient maintenance agreements as soon as possible. We’re cooling and heating system experts who can provide you with maintenance work that’s efficient, thorough, comprehensive and, perhaps most importantly of all, trustworthy.

Don’t brush off potential warning signals that relate to the functioning of any heating or cooling components. If you have an air conditioning unit that incessantly makes strange noises, our maintenance work can help get you on the right path quickly. Contact us at Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. today for further information.

Let’s face it, Florida is really only home to one season – SUMMER! With that said, Floridians know that there’s really no “off season” when it comes to giving your AC a break. With year round AC, your unit is liable to deteriorate without the proper maintenance. Our air conditioning services at Jim McDonald & Sons understands the importance of AC upkeep and repair. That’s why we offer our Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) to ensure your AC doesn’t experience any unwanted hiccups. This twice-annual planned check-up is designed to increase system efficiency all while providing you peace of mind. With Jim McDonald & Sons, we make sure you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Be prepared and keep your AC protected all year round.

The cold air will be here soon. That is why if you have not scheduled a heating and air conditioning service on your unit, now is the time to do so. You will be less likely to need heating and AC repair if you get it tuned-up before the winter hits. The last thing that you want to do is have your heater stop working on a freezing day. If you are in need of a heating tune-up, then you will need to contact Jim McDonald by visiting www.jimmcdonaldcool.com

It is extremely important to control the humidity level in your home. If the humidity is too low, then it can lead to dry skin, lips and scratchy throats. It can also make your home uncomfortable. Mold and mildew can grow if the humidity level is too high. The ideal humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent. You can control the humidity level in your home by using a humidity control device. You can also use your air conditioner.

You can contact Jim Mcdonald Heating and Cooling if you need an air conditioning service. We can perform an AC repair if necessary. Additionally, we can perform A/C replacement.

Is your a/c subpar?

Florida temperatures can be sweltering, and without air conditioning, the summer days and nights can become near unbearable. An air conditioning unit is an essential part of your home, as it ensures a comfortable environment indoors and allows you to escape the brutal outside heat. Beyond the comfort it provides, having an AC can protect furniture and electronics from moisture, prevent electronics and other devices from overheating, and improve air quality if the filters are kept clean and maintained.

Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. provides AC replacement and installation to keep your home comfortable, while protecting you and your belongings from the heat. Your AC unit works hard to keep your home cool, and that’s why Jim McDonald & Sons is dedicated to performing necessary air conditioning services and providing quality AC repairs to keep it up and running effectively and efficiently. We strongly believe in working with integrity and professionalism, keeping the clients we work with as a top priority in what we do. For any questions or concerns regarding air conditioning equipment and cooling needs, Jim McDonald & Sons is here to help.

Hot summers in Florida are not FUN

Your air conditioner is necessary for surviving the hot summers in Florida. However, it may be costing you more money than it has to. If your air conditioner is too large, then it will cost you extra money. Your air conditioner will also cause you to spend extra money if it is inefficient.

You can contact Jim McDonald if you are in need of air conditioning service. We can perform an A/C replacement if your air conditioner is too large. We can also perform an A/C repair if your air conditioner has problems. Additionally, we can tune-up your air conditioner.