Electrostatic Air Filters. Electrostatic air filters are constructed from electrically self-charging cotton fibers. The electrostatic works similar to the way static charged clothing attracts other clothes, and it is this static charge that allows the filters to attract and trap very small particles. http://www.jimmcdonaldcool.com

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NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We are looking for a qualified individuals that we will train and help become an expert in HVAC installation, repairs and maintenance. This individual must be reliable, drug free and a have a good driving record. Contact us today at (941) 360-9898 for more information.

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Poor indoor air quality is caused by dirty air filters

Your home’s air filters likely sit in an out-of-the-way location, so overlooking the important task of replacing those dirty air filters regularly can easily slip through the cracks. Poor indoor air quality is caused by dirty air filters, and this is a serious concern that can lead to headaches, respiratory symptoms and more. In fact, some air filters and ducts are so filthy that the home’s residents are regularly sick. Some people think that dirty air filters only impact air quality, but the effects extend beyond this.

In addition to affecting your health, a dirty air filter impacts the health of your HVAC equipment. HVAC equipment can cost a small fortune to replace, so maximizing the life of your unit is critical. When the air filter is dirty, grime may easily accumulate on the AC equipment’s components. The equipment may work harder than it should in order to propel air throughout the home with dirty filters. Replacing your air filter requires only a few minutes of your time

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Unbearable heat is the hallmark of a Florida summer,

Unbearable heat is the hallmark of a Florida summer, and when air conditioners go kaput, it’s the kiss of death for Floridians. Most home and business owners notice water in their air conditioning units during the warmer months. When the unit is working harder and for longer hours, mishaps are more likely to occur. If you’re noticing excess water buildup in your a/c unit, it’s likely a reaction to one of the following problems: corroded drain pans, worn pumps, clogged drain lines, and low refrigerant. Without a trained eye, it can be hard to detect the source of the issue. At Jim McDonald, our trained professionals excel at identifying and correcting air conditioning complications. Give us a call at (941)-360-9898 if your air conditioner is exhibiting signs of decay or needs a tune-up.

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As summer approaches in Florida, it is important to perform maintenance on a building’s air conditioner so that the cooled air is healthier.

As summer approaches in Florida, it is important to perform maintenance on a building’s air conditioner so that the cooled air is healthier.

Tip 1: Clean the Drain Tube

Look for the drain tube on an air conditioner to clean the item thoroughly to eliminate bacteria that can cause a respiratory illness.

Tip 2: Remove the Plants around the Air Conditioner

If you have an exterior air conditioner unit, then remove all of the plants around it to keep pollen from entering a building.

Tip 3: Clean the Air Conditioner’s Coils

Turn off the air conditioner to clean its coils that are covered with household dust and pet hair.

Tip 4: Don’t Keep Clutter around the Interior Portion of the Air Conditioner

An air conditioner will work better when it isn’t hidden behind piles of boxes, and it also improves the quality of the cooled air inside a building.

Tip 5: Change the Air Conditioner’s Filter

You should change an air conditioner’s filter once a month to keep the cooled air fresher and he

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The quality of the air that’s inside of your living space is no laughing matter.

The quality of the air that’s inside of your living space is no laughing matter. You want to be able to breathe in air that’s optimal for better health and serenity. You want your family members and guests to be able to do so as well. If you have concerns about indoor air quality and your beloved residence, you should go the extra mile to explore any and all options that are on hand for you. When you need professional assistance with indoor air quality, you can call the team members who work for Jim McDonald Heating & Cooling Inc. in Florida. We work with customers who are in many parts of the Southwestern region of Florida. We’re an insured and licensed business that’s well-versed in all facets of indoor air quality.

Getting rid of contaminants can vastly enhance the air quality you get inside. If you want to safeguard the individuals in your life from irritating allergic reactions and health issues overall, then you need to find out everything you can about our accessible indoor air

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You may be aware that an HVAC system that is well-maintained should provide you with at least 15 or 20 years of use.

You may be aware that an HVAC system that is well-maintained should provide you with at least 15 or 20 years of use. With this in mind, you may not think that an HVAC system that is only 10 years old should be replaced. The reality is that you may enjoy substantial financial benefits by replacing an older system sooner rather than later. There have been numerous innovations and advances in HVAC equipment technology. Today’s HVAC systems are much more energy efficient than their counterparts that are only 10 years old.

In Florida, homeowners may run their HVAC equipment heavily for many long months each year. If you are like many area residents, you may even run your HVAC system on mild days simply to keep the indoor humidity at a reasonable level. With such heavy use, energy savings on indoor climate control can add up. More than that, a new system is typically under warranty and may require much less repair and maintenance work for at least the first few years. If your system is 10

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SW Florida relies on their HVAC system

In southwestern Florida, local residents rely heavily on their HVAC system for indoor comfort. Between heat and humidity that is common in the area, your home’s interior can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous to spend time in at times if the HVAC system is not working well. Your regular maintenance efforts are essential for protecting your HVAC equipment from unnecessary damage and even for maintaining great indoor air quality. One of the easiest maintenance steps that you should complete regularly is replacing the air filters.

The job of your air filters is to remove dust particles and other fine debris from the air that passes through the air ducts. By doing so, indoor air quality is improved. In addition, HVAC equipment remains cleaner and can run more efficiently. This reduces wear and tear so that your equipment functions well in the months and years ahead. For the best results, replace air filters monthly or as recommended by the manufacturer. Reach out to our t

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Keeping your HVAC system running efficiently

“It’s important to do everything you can to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Especially in Florida, you rely on your air conditioning to keep you cool throughout the year. Changing your air filters on a regular basis is of the utmost importance.

There are numerous benefits for changing out your filters. You will protect your system by making sure that the air can circulate properly. Otherwise, all of that added dust and dirt will be sucked back into the system. It can cause a shortage and result in coils and other parts needing to be replaced. Additionally, replacing your filters will keep dust particles out of the air, providing you and your family with better quality air to breathe.

How often you change your filters is dependent on your home. If you have several family members living under your roof and you have pets, it might be a good idea to change your filters monthly. If you live alone, you might be able to go three months between filter changes.

Any time you

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3 Reasons to Save Money and Replace Your Old HVAC System

3 Reasons to Save Money and Replace Your Old HVAC System
When maintained properly, HVAC systems provide years of clean air and lower utility bills. Unfortunately, many home and business owners put off replacing their systems. Here are three reasons why you should consider replacing an aging HVAC system.

1. Lower Utility Bills
Having an efficient system means lower operating costs. When considering rates, fees, and taxes, replacing your system now will save you money for years. You may also qualify for government tax rebates or other credits

2. Improved Air Quality
No matter how well you maintain your HVAC system, air quality will degrade over time. Poor air quality can affect the health of residents in a home, which can lead to long term medical issues and added costs.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs
The efficient design of newer systems means lower maintenance costs. Newer systems take advantage of the latest technology to pinpoint potential problems.

These are some of the benefits

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