Poor indoor air quality is caused by dirty air filters

Your home’s air filters likely sit in an out-of-the-way location, so overlooking the important task of replacing those dirty air filters regularly can easily slip through the cracks. Poor indoor air quality is caused by dirty air filters, and this is a serious concern that can lead to headaches, respiratory symptoms and more. In fact, some air filters and ducts are so filthy that the home’s residents are regularly sick. Some people think that dirty air filters only impact air quality, but the effects extend beyond this.

In addition to affecting your health, a dirty air filter impacts the health of your HVAC equipment. HVAC equipment can cost a small fortune to replace, so maximizing the life of your unit is critical. When the air filter is dirty, grime may easily accumulate on the AC equipment’s components. The equipment may work harder than it should in order to propel air throughout the home with dirty filters. Replacing your air filter requires only a few minutes of your time and should be completed monthly for the best results. If your air filters have not been changed within the last 30 days, now is the time to do so. We can assist you with air filter replacement upon request as well.

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