It is important for everyone to get air conditioning service on a regular basis. Even if you have not used your air conditioner all summer long, you should still get it checked. A professional can make sure that your air conditioner is working properly. They can also perform AC repair if necessary. It is easier to do repairs if they are made early. Furthermore, your Ac will last longer.

Keep in mind that A/C replacement can be expensive. Your technician can also perform AC maintenance. This will not only prevent AC problems, but it will also help you save money on electricity.

When it comes to AC repair, the workers here at Jim McDonald understand that your time is important. We offer free estimates to determine the severity of the repair and whether it can be fixed or if you need A/C replacement services that our company also provides. Someone from our company can look at the filters and the electrical components to ensure that they are operating as they should so that you save as much money as possible when it comes to air conditioning service repairs instead of paying a lot of money for a new unit that you might not need.

Don’t let broken air conditioning leave you hot and bothered in the middle of a Sarasota Florida summer. Save time, hassle and money by having an air conditioning specialist from Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling, Inc. perform Air Conditioning Service twice a year as part of a Planned Maintenance Agreement. No matter which make or model of air conditioner you have, one of our experienced technicians will carefully check each component of your system and perform basic preventive maintenance. Should the need arise, we also specialize in the highest level of AC Repair available and can even perform A/C replacement. Since we’ve been in business since 1970, we’ve seen it all and can take every call. Sign up for a Planned Maintenance Agreement today and save the scorch for the grill.

If your current central AC unit is more than 15 years old, you may be spending more money than necessary for its upkeep. As your unit ages, it becomes less efficient which can increase your energy bills. Newer central AC units are more efficient and are equipped with new technology. A newer unit will operate to be as efficient as possible; for example, some units may recycle water that the unit extracts from the air and use it to splash over the condenser fins to help cool it down. This way, water is reused in a way that makes sense for its operation. Call Jim McDonald & Sons Heating and Cooling to find out how we can equip you with a new AC unit.

During the summertime, your air conditioner becomes an extremely valuable asset. Not only does the A/C system keep your home cool, but it also helps filter dust and pollen. Here are four signs that your air conditioner needs to be upgraded.

Increased Energy Bill
If you’ve noticed a sudden spike in your electrical bill, the air conditioner could be the culprit. The newest air conditioners on the market are far more efficient. Over the course of a single year, you could save literally hundreds of dollars.

Your Unit Malfunctions Often
Repeatedly calling the repairman to fix your air conditioner can become an expensive habit. After a period of around 10-12 years, it is not uncommon for an A/C unit to experience mechanical problems.

Poor Cooling
When summer temperatures begin to surge past 90 degrees, your cooling system must be able to handle the extra load. A broken-down A/C unit will have a hard time circulating cool air throughout your residence. This can be an extremely big concern for the homeowners who have children.

Lack of Features
Late-model air conditioners can be equipped with modern features such as smart thermostats.

Maintenance Agreements Give You Peace of Mind

An air conditioning maintenance agreement with Jim McDonald & Sons Heating and Cooling, Inc. ensures that your AC system will be working efficiently when the sweltering days of summer finally hit. Routine maintenance is important to your system and filters need to be changed regularly to ensure proper airflow through the system and proper cooling throughout your home. In addition, our maintenance agreement allows our technicians to properly clean your unit and check for leaks in the cooling system, which if left uncorrected, could lead to much more costly issues down the road. Technicians will also check the ductwork throughout your home to ensure that your unit is cooling efficiently and that no leaks are allowing cool air to escape the system. With our maintenance agreement, you have peace of mind and know that your air conditioning unit will be properly serviced to ensure that it lasts and keeps you and your family cool.

Your air conditioning system is an important component in the home, especially in the summer when the weather is warmer. There are a few things that can go wrong with the system that we can look at before you decide to replace the unit. The first thing that is usually addressed is the filter. If the filter is dirty, then it can prevent cold air from circulating in the home. Another issue is the Freon. If the fluid levels are low, then there isn’t anything to keep the unit cooling in a manner that is conducive to the temperature setting. Other issues could be electrical components or weather related aspects, such as lightning hitting the main unit outside.