Summer. The season conjures up memories of poolside frenzies, refreshing beverages, and unbearably hot climates. For those who either reside or vacation in the Sunshine State during summer, the latter rings especially true. Fortunately, with a reliable and properly functioning AC unit, you can rid yourself of the insufferable heat that transpires during the summer months. Unfortunately, AC units are perpetually tricky and challenging to navigate, making it necessary to have a competent AC repair team on speed dial.

If your AC is on the fritz, make Jim McDonald & Sons your first port of call. Armed with nearly five decades of industry experience, Jim McDonald & Sons is a name you can trust. From installations and repairs to maintenance and sales, this family-owned business is second to none. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Jim McDonald & Sons knows just how brutal Florida summers can be. Enduring the summertime heat is not only ill-advised, but it’s also nearly impossible. Keep both yourself and your home happy with an AC unit that’ll keep those inevitable beads of sweat to a minimum.

During these hot summer months, you want your home to be as cool as possible. You also want your air conditioning unit to work as efficiently as possible so you wont be paying more than necessary on your electric bill.

Dirty duct work and ducts that are loose and leaking will cut down on your ac units efficiency. At Jim McDonald and Sons, we can come and inspect your system and your duct work. We and clean out the duct work and repair loose ducts as well.

Since 1970, Jim McDonald and Sons has served the Sarasota and Bradenton areas. We offer AC repair services, and we also install new units. Annual maintenance agreements are available. Contact us for your AC repair and maintenance needs today.

ou wouldn’t think about buying a car and then never getting any of the needed upkeep and maintenance performed on the vehicle. The same holds true when it comes to your home’s ac unit. In order for the ac unit to run in peak form, it needs to be checked and maintained on a yearly basis. This will cut down on ac repair which can be costly.

At Jim McDonald, we have yearly maintenance agreements available to keep your ac unit running at its best. With a yearly maintenance agreement, you will receive priority service that will be available 24 hours a day seven days a week. At Jim McDonald, we’ve been providing home ac installations, repairs and service in the Sarasota area since 1970. Put our experience to work for you, and contact Jim McDonald about a yearly maintenance agreement today.

Your air conditioner is one of the most vital appliances you can have when you live in Florida. But how clean is all that air you are constantly circulating through your home throughout the year. You’d be surprised to find out that it can be very dirty, even if you change your filter regularly.

The solution to getting cleaner air in your home can be having a home air cleaner installed. These devices will keep your home fresh and keep out harmful substances such as bacteria, allergens and mold.

If you are buying a new AC unit or having AC repair done in your home, now is the time to consider a home air cleaner. A Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc., we are experts at installing and maintaining home air cleaners. Give us a call or check out our website,, to find out how you can get a home air cleaner for your home.

Smart home technology is changing the way people live and how they control their home systems. Some aspects of smart home technology can be used to control appliances, lights and the home security system. You can also control your thermostat through remote Internet access from anywhere in the world. This offers exceptional benefits to homeowners, and a closer look will help you to determine if these benefits are desirable in your home.

With remote access to your thermostat, you can sit in your bed at night to adjust your thermostat by your phone. More than that, you can check on the status of the thermostat while you are sitting in the office at work, preparing to board a plane for vacation and more. If a cold front just blew through, you can switch your AC off and turn your heater on. Your thermostat controls your comfort level inside the home, and it also affects your energy bills. You could even potentially identify the need for AC repair service if you discover that your thermostat is not responsive to your remote control features. If you need assistance with your home’s smart thermostat or if you are interested in installing a smart home thermostat soon, reach out to your trusted HVAC service professional for an appointment.

Your home’s HVAC system plays a critical role in your comfort while indoors. When your home is too warm for comfort, you may get irritable, have trouble sleeping at night and more. An older system generally will require periodic or even frequent AC repair services. Even with repair work, you may find that a very old system still has trouble meeting your needs. If you are not staying as cool and as comfortable as you would like to while indoors, investing in a new HVAC system is a smart idea.

A new HVAC system may function without fail and may only require regular maintenance for the first several years or longer. Any repair issues that may develop may be covered by the system’s warranty. In addition, a new heating and cooling system typically is substantially more energy efficient than a very old model. This means that you could save a small fortune on energy costs in the years to come. If you are tired of dealing with AC repair issues and are ready to enjoy the hassle-free cooling that comes from a new HVAC system, now is the time to begin exploring the systems that may be right for your needs and to schedule installation service.

Maintain a Stress-Free AC
It’s hard to keep your cool when you think about the upcoming costs associated with keeping your house cool during the hottest summer days. Thinking about electric bills and potential AC repair leads to stress about your bank account.

Stress less with one simple step: change your air conditioning filters once a month. First, your home’s air quality will dramatically improve. Less harmful particles will be lingering around your system, which will decrease the chance of something going wrong that requires repair. So, minimizing the potential of you needing AC repair by keeping the air intake fresh leaves you with one less stress.

While changing your filters more regularly will increase your filter expense for each month by a few dollars, your utility bill will shed some unnecessary weight that it has been carrying for way too long. According to the United States Department of Energy, just by swapping out your old filter for a new one once a month could lower your electric bill up to 15 percent.

Do the math and factor in the savings from less needed AC repair. The final answer is savings that will keep you smiling when you open your bills this summer.

Your air-conditioning unit is a place where mold, fungus and bacteria can thrive. Even with a filter, these particles can enter your home causing those in the home with allergies to suffer from sneezing and breathing difficulties.

One way that you can help to reduce mold, fungus and bacteria from the AC system is to install a UV light system in the HVAC unit. These lights are proven to eliminate a large portion of harmful particulates in the unit before they enter your home.

Here at Jim McDonald and Sons Heating & Cooling, we can install a UV lighting system in your HVAC unit. We are also available to help with AC repair and the installation of new systems. At Jim McDonald and Sons Heating & Cooling, we’ve been serving the Sarasota area since 1970. Contact us today for your HVAC needs.

You don’t want to be without your air conditioning for a day — or even an hour — in the oppressive heat of a Florida summer. If your AC breaks down and AC repair can’t take care of the problem, it’s probably time to replace your unit. Fortunately, Jim McDonald and Sons Heating and Cooling Inc. is here to help.

We carry air conditioning units from many of the top manufacturers, including Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Payne and York, and we offer rates that are very competitive We can help you select the right unit and then install it for you in your home. Once your new unit is up and running, we are happy to continue to service it.

If your AC is on its last legs, don’t wait to get it replaced. Call the experts at Jim McDonald and Sons Heating and Cooling Inc. or check out our website at

If something goes wrong with your AC unit, it can potentially cost quite a bit to fix the problem. Many of the AC repair problems that we see could have been prevented with proper maintenance of the unit. Proper maintenance costs much less than expensive repair work. Plus, if you properly maintain your unit, you won’t have to worry about your AC going down on the hottest days of the year.

At Jim McDonald & Sons, we offer a planned maintenance agreement. With this agreement, we will come and check your AC unit twice each year to make sure that it is operating in a safe and efficient manner. This will reduce the need for repairs, and it will provide you with peace of mind on hot days.

If you live in the Sarasota area, contact us at Jim McDonald & Sons for your AC needs. We’ve been serving the area since 1970.