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SW Florida relies on their HVAC system

In southwestern Florida, local residents rely heavily on their HVAC system for indoor comfort. Between heat and humidity that is common in the area, your home’s interior can quickly become uncomfortable and even dangerous to spend time in at times if the HVAC system is not working well. Your regular maintenance efforts are essential for protecting your HVAC equipment from unnecessary damage and even for maintaining great indoor air quality. One of the easiest maintenance steps that you should complete regularly is replacing the air filters.

The job of your air filters is to remove dust particles and other fine debris from the air that passes through the air ducts. By doing so, indoor air quality is improved. In addition, HVAC equipment remains cleaner and can run more efficiently. This reduces wear and tear so that your equipment functions well in the months and years ahead. For the best results, replace air filters monthly or as recommended by the manufacturer. Reach out to our team for HVAC system repair service today if you have already noticed signs that your equipment is struggling.

Keeping your HVAC system running efficiently

“It’s important to do everything you can to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Especially in Florida, you rely on your air conditioning to keep you cool throughout the year. Changing your air filters on a regular basis is of the utmost importance.

There are numerous benefits for changing out your filters. You will protect your system by making sure that the air can circulate properly. Otherwise, all of that added dust and dirt will be sucked back into the system. It can cause a shortage and result in coils and other parts needing to be replaced. Additionally, replacing your filters will keep dust particles out of the air, providing you and your family with better quality air to breathe.

How often you change your filters is dependent on your home. If you have several family members living under your roof and you have pets, it might be a good idea to change your filters monthly. If you live alone, you might be able to go three months between filter changes.

Any time you have questions about your air filters or want your system inspected, contact Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling.”

3 Reasons to Save Money and Replace Your Old HVAC System

3 Reasons to Save Money and Replace Your Old HVAC System
When maintained properly, HVAC systems provide years of clean air and lower utility bills. Unfortunately, many home and business owners put off replacing their systems. Here are three reasons why you should consider replacing an aging HVAC system.

1. Lower Utility Bills
Having an efficient system means lower operating costs. When considering rates, fees, and taxes, replacing your system now will save you money for years. You may also qualify for government tax rebates or other credits

2. Improved Air Quality
No matter how well you maintain your HVAC system, air quality will degrade over time. Poor air quality can affect the health of residents in a home, which can lead to long term medical issues and added costs.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs
The efficient design of newer systems means lower maintenance costs. Newer systems take advantage of the latest technology to pinpoint potential problems.

These are some of the benefits of replacing an old HVAC system. The professionals at Jim McDonald & Sons Heating and Cooling are experienced and ready to work with you for all of your HVAC needs. Contact us to discuss options that are best for your home or business.

Residential HVAC System Upkeep

Residential HVAC System Upkeep
It can be wise to prioritize a residential Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system that’s functional and effective. If you’re all about first-rate HVAC system upkeep, then you need to turn to professional assistance. Search for HVAC aficionados who can manage all of your requests to a T. HVAC technicians can evaluate your system in striking detail. They can figure out if you need AC repair work. They can figure out if you need heating system repair service as well. If you have a questionable cooling system, it may be inordinately noisy any time it’s in use. It may have airflow that’s extremely weak. It may release odors that anything but enticing and fresh.

Routine maintenance work can stop cooling system problems from popping up. If you don’t want to have to manage frustrating and irksome air conditioning unit breakdowns, then regular upkeep assistance can do you a lot of good. Southwest Florida residents should invest in annual HVAC system maintenance sessions. HVAC system tuneups can keep all sorts of cooling and heating troubles out of your life. They can in many cases reduce your HVAC system management costs as well. Call our HVAC business A.S.A.P. for additional details.

A properly functioning AC system is vital in the state of Florida

A properly functioning AC system is vital in the state of Florida. In order for your HVAC system is stay in top working order, you need to have your unit maintained on a yearly basis. You also need to change your unit’s filter on a regular basis to make sure that dust and debris are not entering and damaging the system. By properly maintaining your system, you will prolong the life of your system, and you will cut down on the need for costly repairs in the future.

Jim McDonald has been providing AC repair and maintenance in the Sarasota area since 1970. Technicians from Jim McDonald are trained to come to your home or business and conduct routine maintenance on AC and heating units. Technicians can tune up your unit, and they can help to keep your unit operating in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

If you need to have your HVAC unit checked-out or serviced, contact Jim McDonald. We are able to service and maintain most brands, and we provide prompt and courtesy service.

Considering a mobile enabled thermostat?

Instead of using a thermostat that you have to adjust all the time to keep your home cool, consider one of the latest technological developments regarding thermostats. Many of them can be controlled using your mobile device so that you can set the temperature to one that is comfortable no matter where you’re at, saving money in the process because the air isn’t on all day while you’re not home. There are also thermostats that adjust on their own based on the temperature in the house. Some of the newer thermostats can be controlled using Alexa and other voice services.

Cooler weather is coming to Florida

Residents in South West Florida don’t experience the same freezing cold winters that affect most states. But when a cold front moves in, temperatures can drop as low as 65 degrees or lower. You may not use it often, but you want to make sure your heat works for those occasional cold nights.

Yearly maintenance of your heating system keeps it working properly. That means it’s unlikely to breakdown when you need it most. As a Florida resident, you might think maintaining your heat is unimportant. But failing to maintain your heating system could hurt you and your pocket in the long run.

Yearly maintenance of your heating and AC system increases efficiency and lowers your electric bill. For your heating and AC repair needs, visit Jim McDonald & Sons Heating and Cooling, Inc. offers full service for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning.

Summer is over and early fall means cooler temperatures in southwest Florida

Summer is over and early fall means cooler temperatures in southwest Florida. Though you still likely will need your air conditioner on some days, your AC unit will get a bit of a break for the next few months. That makes it a great time for AC repair and maintenance or replacement if necessary.

Maintenance on your AC system should at a minimum include changing the filter and hosing down the compressor that sits outside your home. It’a also a good idea to set up a routine maintenance appointment with one of the friendly, experienced technicians from Jim McDonald & Sons Heating and Cooling.

Jim McDonald & Sons Heating and Cooling will give your AC unit a thorough inspection and tell you what if anything needs to be fixed. If it’s time for a new AC unit, we have a large selection to choose from, and we offer expert installation.

You can check out what we offer at We serve customers in Bradenton, Sarasota and surrounding areas.

Helpful Cooling System Maintenance

Florida is a state that’s known for sunny weather. It’s also one that’s known for intense heat. Florida summers can be brutally hot. Temperatures in the state can remain pretty warm all throughout the autumn season, too. If you want to stay comfortable in beautiful Florida all fall long, you need to focus on the condition of your cooling system at home. You can keep your air conditioning unit in check by investing in preventative maintenance tune-ups. Jim McDonald & Sons Heating & Cooling Inc. is an insured and licensed business that accommodates the cooling system maintenance requirements of customers in both Manatee and Sarasota Counties. If you’re a Bradenton, Sarasota, North Port, Palmetto or Siesta Key resident, our technicians can assess your air conditioning unit in great detail. We work with customers in other nearby communities, too.

Air conditioning breakdowns can ruin your fall mood. If you want to stay away from cooling unit breakdowns, maintenance can be a terrific path. Maintenance can save you from the annoyance of having to deal with strange sounds, random shutting off, nonexistent cool air, temperature swings and more. Call our company as soon as possible to reserve an appointment for a tune-up.

When you are trying to keep your home cool in the hot weather,

When you are trying to keep your home cool in the hot weather, you want your AC unit to operate in the most efficient manner. You don’t want to be wasting energy with the price of energy what it is today.

When your ducts are filled with dirt, this can cause your AC unit to work harder to keep your home cool. Leaking vents can also make your AC unit work more, and this will increase your cooling costs.

In order to make sure that your ducts are clean and in good repair, contact Jim McDonald. Jim McDonald has been serving residents in the Sarasota area since 1970. Jim and the staff can clean out the ducts and repair leaks and faulty duct work.

In addition to duct work, Jim McDonald performs a wide range of AC repair and heating repair services. Jim McDonald can also provide routine maintenance and service for many types of units. Contact Jim McDonald Heating and Cooling for all of your home’s cooling and heating needs.